Baseball is 60-40

I think a lot of us (self included) lose track of the fact that baseball is a 60-40 game. Even a superior team would lose 40+ games to a lesser team if they played one hundred times.

Pick any year and you’ll see that the MLB division winners are .586. You can get beat 11-2 and the next day win 7-0. In golf, the pros have a 14 shot swing. Yes, it’s 20 shots better than us mortals but they can shoot 62 and 76 on two consecutive days (look at the Masters box scores). When we shoot 88 and then 102, we want to quit the game.

I’m writing this in response to a coach who was asking how to keep this 14U team focused. He claimed that some days they are unbeatable and that the next day they can’t make a play. My contention coach, is that that’s just baseball – that’s just sports. I’m not saying there aren’t techniques to help bring focus and consistency, but in youth baseball, you never know if the bats, arms and brains will show up for each game.