Diagramming a Cover 2 Defense

In my latest blog posts, I’ve been playing around with the ChalkTalk Telestrator, and cataloging my experiences. This time, I discovered the “Diagrams” tab (right under the “My Videos” tab) and was ecstatic to find a football diagram. For fun, I decided to diagram a Cover 2 defense using the ChalkTalk Telestrator. Back in high school, as an outside linebacker, this was my favorite coverage.

The Cover 2 defense is a popular zone defense, made famous by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and other teams.

Here are the responsibilities, as characterized by the colored zones:

Cornerbacks: Line up close to the line of scrimmage, and cover the flats.

Safeties: Responsible for top of the corners.

Outside Linebackers: Drift toward the slant zone after the snap.

Middle Linebacker: In the older version of Cover 2 defenses, the MLB would be responsible for his general vicinity. More recently, athletic MLB’s can cover the deep middle void left by the two safeties. Obviously, the Cover 2 is a great defense for shutting down the short passing game. The weakness remains in the middle of the field, where the MLB could be responsible for covering a deep portion.

As you can see,the ChalkTalk Telestrator can be turned into the perfect tool for diagramming and analyzing plays. To test it out, head over to www.powerchalk.com/ and try it for free!

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