Learning PowerChalk – Day 1

Hi everyone! I’m Ryan Magnusson, the newest employee here at PowerChalk. As a noobie, I will be experimenting with and learning the ins and outs of the website. Along the way, I will publish my experiences in a daily blog series titled “Learning PowerChalk.”
Day 1

Upon arriving at the site for the first time, I took a couple minutes to watch the introduction video and read the “How It Works” section. Due to my natural propensity for exclamation marks, I clicked on the “Try It!” tab first.

From there I fired up the default “Youth Pitcher” clip and experimented with some of the tools in the telestrator. Right off the bat (pun intended) I was pleasantly surprised that the telestrator software was completely in-browser. I found myself mainly utilizing the Line tool to analyze posture and mechanics. But after I drew a few lines and advanced the playhead, why did they remain there?

After marking up the video with multi-colored lines and progressing through the pitch I realized the benefit of observing the stagnant lines throughout the entire clip. It’s quite useful to witness the body’s progression during a pitch, golf swing, football toss, etc. The lines do a perfect job of displaying starting and finishing positions, as well as anything in between.

The yellow lines display the pitcher’s opening stance in relation to his current stance.

As I tend to get a little crazy with lines, the Erase tool came in especially handy. I love that you have the option of erasing your last action, erasing all actions, or erasing a specific action that you select.

After tinkering with a few other functions like the Angle tool and Path tool, I navigated over to the “Free Signup” tab to open my locker.

If you’d like to follow in my footsteps, head over to PowerChalk and experience it for yourself!

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