Learning PowerChalk – Day 2

Hi everyone! I’m Ryan Magnusson, the newest employee here at PowerChalk. As a noobie, I will be experimenting with and learning the ins and outs of the website. Along the way, I will publish my experiences in a daily blog series titled “Learning PowerChalk.”
Day 2
Last time, I tinkered around with the telestrator and signed up for my free account. With my second visit to the site, I started by browsing through the public videos. I was taken aback by the number of sports subcategories that were available. However, I was disappointed to see there were no Chess clips uploaded. (I’m calling you out Chessians.)

After watching some golf clips, I decided to dust off the 5 iron and give it a go in the backyard. Using a cell phone and a tripod, I filmed my swing and uploaded it with the PowerChalk iPhone uploading app. Later on I sat down with my laptop for a ChalkTalk session to see just how rusty my swing was.

This time I found the Angle tool very helpful, allowing me to analyze my lower and upper body positioning.

After the brief time it took to render, I enjoyed having the option to share to Youtube, Facebook or Twitter directly from the site. The next step for me will be to upload an exemplary swing and compare it to mine using the Split Screen function.

If you’d like to ChalkTalk your own video, just head over to PowerChalk and try it out for free.

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