Learning PowerChalk – Day 3

Hi everyone! I’m Ryan Magnusson, the newest employee here at PowerChalk. As a noobie, I will be experimenting with and learning the ins and outs of the website. Along the way, I will publish my experiences in a daily blog series titled “Learning PowerChalk.”

Day 3

Last time, I uploaded video of my golf swing using the PowerChalk mobile app, and analyzed my body positioning using the ChalkTalk Telestrator. For my next experience with PowerChalk, I enlisted the help of fellow PowerChalk employee Jacob Crisp.

Jacob dropped in to clear up some confusion about microphone settings, and why microphones are required to ChalkTalk a video.

Ryan: Hey Jacob, thanks for sitting down to help me out. So when I go to ChalkTalk a video, why does my computer ask permission for PowerChalk to use my microphone?

Jacob: So that our system can pick up your voice and provide a recording to refer back to later.

Ryan: Okay, so in order to ChalkTalk a video, I have to have a microphone?

Jacob: Yes, with a microphone, I can record my voice over the video I am watching, which will create a new video file that can later be referred to. I can also record a ChalkTalk without voice if I just want to post a video in slow motion without any noise, but you still have to have a microphone enabled.

Without a microphone, I am able to annotate my video using the ChalkTalk Telestrator, but I am unable to record a telestrated session.

Ryan: Got it. Thanks for clearing that up.

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