Learning PowerChalk – Day 4

Hi everyone! I’m Ryan Magnusson, the newest employeehere at PowerChalk. As a noobie, I will be experimenting with and learning the ins and outs of the website. Along the way, I will publish my experiences in a daily blog series titled “Learning PowerChalk.”

Day 4

Last time, I sat down with fellow PowerChalk employee Jacob Crisp to clear up some confusion about microphones. With my next visit to the site, I discovered the benefit of using Keyframes. As I continued to explore the functions I had yet to use, the row of boxes below the Playhead jumped out at me.

After clicking on the darkened square on the left side of the picture, a menu appeared, giving me the option to define and edit Keyframes.

I added a couple of custom Keyframes, before I noticed the option to “Load” preset keyframes.

As I am no golf pro, it was immensely helpful to have the official terms preset and ready to assign.

Scrolling frame by frame, I found each corresponding position in my swing and hit the “Adress=XXX” button to assign it to a specific frame.

As you can see, my club was parallel with the ground at frame 165, I made impact with the ball at frame 199, and I started my follow through at frame 206. Once I was finished, I hit save and I could now jump to specific Keyframes in my swing by clicking on the number. After closing and reopening the video of my swing, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my Keyframes would remain there until I cleared or changed them.

Each sport has a number of preset Keyframes available for use, but not all of them have to be used in the clip. Next time, I will explore the split screen function, and how Keyframes can make split screening even more efficient.

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