Learning Powerchalk – Day 5

Day 5

Last time, I discovered the advantages of using Keyframes in my video analysis. This time, I decided to dive in to some Premium Features, starting with the Split Screen function.

Once again, I fired up the ChalkTalk Telestrator and loaded my trusty backyard swing. Over in the top right corner I clicked on the “Load B” icon, and selected a video of PGA Pro Charles Schwartzel. After loading the Schwartzel clip, I synced up our swings and used the path tool to compare our swing planes. The difference was staggering.

Schwartzel’s swing plane is perfect, and mine is much too wide, forcing me to come over the top.

For someone like me (far from a golf expert) the split screen function is immensely helpful. As I’m not experienced enough to diagnose my own problems, lining up next to Schwartzel shows me exactly what I need to fix.

For more information about the split screen function and other premium features, visit http://www.powerchalk.com/cart/premiumFeatures.

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