PowerChalk Key Terms

Here’s a comprehensive list of commonly used terms on our website, and what they mean:

ChalkTalk – Using the ChalkTalk Telestrator┬«, you can record an analyzed session with markup and voice-over.

Embed – Provides an html link for you to copy and paste into a blog, article etc.

FPS – Frames per second.

Key Frames – A function that allows you to label frames within your video. You can create your own, or load preset keyframes for different sports.

My Friends – Add friends and share, grant access or transfer videos to them.

Playhead – Indicates the current frame in the video clip. You can drag the playhead left and right to scrub through the clip.

PowerCast – The ability to share your ChalkTalk screen live with another PowerChalk user. For example, as a coach, I can broadcast my screen and give a live one-to-one lesson with a player who can watch along at home. I can also give a live online clinic up to 100 players who can watch along at home.

Premium Content – Model clips available for use with the ChalkTalk Telestrator.

Private – Only the owner of the video (the person who has the video in his locker) can play the video, but can also grant access to a certain email address, a friend on powerchalk, or a group.

Public – Anyone on the site can play the video, anyone with the link whether it is posted on facebook or through an email address can play the video as well.

Split-Screen – A premium feature that allows you to analyze videos side-by-side. You can split-screen videos you upload or bring in public videos.

Unlisted – The video can not be accessed by anyone on the site but can be viewed by anyone with the link if it is sent.

Video Locker – The page containing your profile information, philosophy, preferences, favorite videos and uploaded videos.

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