Coming Soon – Find a Pro/Buy a Lesson

In the coming weeks, PowerChalk will be launching its revolutionary “Find a Pro” online instruction system.

Our Find a Pro system is a one-stop platform for instruction for any sport.

What does that mean to you?

Pros/Instructors: If you are a Pro or Instructor that already has a Premium PowerChalk account, all you will have to do is set up your new profile and name your price! Bring your current players/clients on to PowerChalk to provide online lessons and build your profile to attract new clients from all over the world. As you can see on the right, anyone with internet access can “Buy a Lesson” on your profile, and the payment goes directly to your PayPal.

If you are a Pro or Instructor without a Premium PowerChalk account, all you need to do is upgrade and set up your profile.

Players: If you are a Player with a PowerChalk account, you will have the chance to receive online instruction from some of the top instructors in the world. If you already have an instructor, you can now receive online lessons when you’re out of town, keeping your game tight year round. For those that don’t have an instructor, you will be able to search through and research coaches before purchasing a lesson. Players will have the ability to select which video they’d like to have analyzed, and provide any additional information.

The finishing touches are being applied to the system, and it will be launched within the next couple of weeks. Stay posted to our blog or Facebook page for the official announcement.

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