Using Hotkeys in the Telestrator

Just like any program on your computer, utilizing hotkeys can give you a faster, more intuitive experience. For those who don’t know “hotkeys” or “keyboard shortcuts” allow you to perform certain actions on your computer by pressing a key or two on your keyboard.

Within the ChalkTalk Telestrator, you can use hotkeys to select and toggle between the different tools, making telestration and instruction more efficient.

Pictured on the left are a couple of tools from the main tool palette within the telestrator.

As you can see, tools that have a corresponding hotkey have a line under one letter in their title.

The underlined letter represents the hotkey for that tool. If you press the “L” key while in the telestrator, the Line tool will become active.

If you hit the “B” key, the Box tool will become active.

Moving Objects

One of the more hidden features in the telestrator, is the ability to move objects that you’ve drawn. If you’d like to move an object, hold down the Ctrl key and move the arrow keys to position the object.

In the picture on the right, I moved the yellow circle to the right to match her current knee position.

This can be helpful when you’re trying to emphasize the range of movement in a particular movement.

If you’d like a video overview of these functions, PowerChalk CEO Chaz Henry displayed the proper use of hotkeys and other functions in this week’s PowerChalk University.

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