US Olympic Diving Team Has an Ace up the Sleeve in London: PowerChalk

The US Olympic Diving Team has gotten off to a wonderful start in the London Olympics, medaling in three out of three events thus far.

Diving coach Drew Johansen joined Matt West of PowerChalk in today’s USA Diving webinar, to discuss the importance of motion analysis, and how the American Olympic team is deploying PowerChalk in London. In particular, Johansen and crew have been using the free 10-Second Telestrator App for iPad.

“Here at the Olympic games, PowerChalk is a huge part of our synchronized teams winning medals,” said Johansen. “Every coach at every training session as a team, one of us is holding an iPad capturing that image and immediately looking at.”

Here is the webinar in it’s entirety:

If you’d like to use the same training tool that Drew Johansen and American Olympians are using today, head over to and get started for free.