Growing a Sports Instructional Business Beyond Your Facility

In talking with thousands of coaches, we have noticed one problem in the instructional space. Coaches have a limited amount of time to give lessons to their players throughout the day. During school days, players aren’t able to visit training facilities for lessons until 3pm lasting til 10pm. It’s time to turn daily slow periods into an opportunity to give feedback to players who aren’t able to come for in-person lessons.

One of PowerChalk’s earliest users has proven that providing online instruction can create a large following of dedicated athletes.

Chas Pippit of I.T.S. Baseball is an innovator in the baseball instruction world. As a
former N.C. State athlete, he has learned what it takes to play at an elite level, and is dedicated to progressing his players to the next level. In our latest discussion with Chas, he provided some great feedback:

“PowerChalk has allowed us to get the best baseball information to the masses in ways we have never been able to before.”

“We have people who have viewed my powerchalk lesson on Youtube of Robinson Cano in 14 countries, the online instruction business using powerchalk has been profitbale from day one.”

Chas has been giving lessons from his Hillsborough, NC location to players all over the country. They upload a video and request a lesson from him, in which he promptly returns his lesson voice-over feedback. Chas now has players that fly in to his I.T.S. Baseball location for lessons, and others travel from 100+ miles.

Through providing online lessons to new players, Pippitt builds lasting relationships that lead to in-person lessons. He has created such a demand, that his two assistant instructors and himself are fully booked with lessons. On a daily basis, Chas gives lessons to players at his facility, and in the morning and night, he provides online lessons to players from all over the country.

We are proud to help Chas and many other coaches scale their teaching abilities to the masses and grow their instruction business.

For more info on how to market yourself through PowerChalk, at contact us, or call our office at 919.469.0180.

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