What’s Wrong With Tiger Woods?

On the heels of a catastrophic American meltdown at the Ryder Cup, golf aficionados are continuing to baffle at the play of Tiger Woods. An article in today’s National Post declared his poor performance in this weekend’s tournament as a “new low.”

So what is Tiger Woods doing differently? How has he changed his swing? Why has he changed his swing? Our own Jacob Crisp sought out to visually answer these questions with a split-screen comparison of a couple swings.

On the left is a Tiger Woods swing from 2012, under the direction of Sean Foley. On the right is a Tiger Woods swing from 2009, under the direction of Hank Haney.

Can you spot the differences?

If you’d like to analyze Tiger’s swing on your own or even place your own swing next to his, head over to powerchalk.com and get started today for free.