Find New Sports Instructional Students Through YouTube

Every day millions of sports instructional videos, drills, and tips are viewed on YouTube. The problem that coaches and content providers have is “How do I monetize my marketing efforts on YouTube?”

The largest return on investment you can make as a coach/instructor using YouTube is to guide your students to your Pro Page on PowerChalk. Your Pro Page is a custom page that Gold Account instructors can create that serves as their online marketplace for instruction.

We’ve found that athletes who watch drills and instructional sports videos on YouTube gain a level of trust and legitimacy from a coach. Once you’ve gained their trust, they become a warm lead who would consider taking a lesson from you, even if you live four states away. This is your chance to promote and scale your instructional business!

Once you have created your Pro Page, you will have a custom URL that acts as your personal website. Here’s an example from a local PGA golf instructor Once you have created your pro page, you can place your custom Pro Page URL on all of your marketing material.

This is where YouTube will become a powerful asset.

Start tagging your descriptions in your YouTube videos with your PowerChalk Pro Page URL. When a student watches your video and decides he wants to learn more on taking lessons from you, they can simply click the custom URL and go straight to your pro page to purchase a lesson.

Taking it one step further, you should start placing text at the beginning and/or end of your YouTube videos with your Pro Page URL so they will see the link directly on the video and proceed to your Pro Page to purchase a lesson. A good example of text may say “Take a lesson from me at”

You can easily place your URL on all of your videos using the “Text” adding tool in the ChalkTalk telestrator. Before you prepare your voice over instruction of a student’s mechanics, or while analyzing the mechanics of a Premium Video Model, type in your Pro Page URL and click, show text, to place the URL on the video.

This allows for players to see your Pro Page and get started taking lessons from you.

The easiest way to get content viewed on Youtube is to analyze the mechanics of a professional model, play the video in slow motion, and discuss how the player’s mechanics effect their performance. Always make sure to title and tag your videos with the pro athletes name, and you are guaranteed to get views from people looking for quality sports content.

Uploading to YouTube can be cumbersome at times, so we’ve created a ‘share to YouTube’ button that goes along with every video in your PowerChalk Locker. Simply enter in your YouTube UserName and Password and the video will go straight to your YouTube account once it renders in PowerChalk. (Public, private, and unlisted videos can all be shared to a YouTube account only from the OWNER of the video).

Using these approaches on YouTube will give you a way to monetize your marketing efforts on YouTube and bring in an additional revenue stream to your instructional business.

We will continue to write on how you can market yourself as a coach and give more lessons with PowerChalk with different tools each week. For more info, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest and greatest on PowerChalk.

For any questions, feel free to email us or call 919 469 0180 and we guarantee a five minute discussion will bring you up to speed with creating your Pro Page, and also how to market yourself as a coach in today’s digital world!

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