Grow your Baseball Facility

We could talk for hours on how to grow your Baseball brand in today’s digital world. Let’s focus on specific items you can do today to help grow your presence using PowerChalk.

1. Take video of everyone! Every player (beginner, college, and even Steven Strasburg) loves watching their swing or pitch in slow motion. If you do this, you’ll most commonly hear two things, “Oh cool!” and “I can’t believe I was doing that.” At first, the shock of seeing their mechanics in slow motion brings the cool factor, next they will notice details in their technique that they did not think was going on.

This is your selling point coaches! Show players their mechanics in slow motion, tell them what they are doing wrong in-person and then follow-up by sending them a voice-over chalktalk.

Chalktalks help your words sink in by reminding players what they are doing wrong, how they can fix it, and use a model that shows the correct mechanics. These efforts will sell the player on the benefits of repeat lessons using video which will help them progress faster and get to the next level. Once your player realizes how important video instruction is to their progression, they will start taking videos of their mechanics when they can’t come to your facility, and request voice-over feedback from you without having to be in-person. (quick note: Once you share a chalktalk to your player, they can listen to your feedback over and over, until it sinks in and gets sticky – where real progression starts).

2. Be transparent: Start marking your videos as Public or Unlisted. If your player likes the video content you send them, they will share it on their social media pages and to their friends to show how cool their swing looks in slow motion, or the voice-over lesson they have been watching from their coach. If they share it to their friends, that puts more eyes on your teaching abilities and extends your reach to new people who may have never known of your services.

3. Push your voice-over lessons and drills to social media channels like YouTube. Every day, millions of sports instructional videos are watched on services like Youtube and Vimeo. We’ve created a YouTube button on PowerChalk that lets you share your instructional content directly to your YouTube account. We have put several of our own instructional videos on YouTube, and without any marketing have received thousands of views. There’s people out there looking for content, and if they find you and like your feedback, they will trust your opinion and share with friends.

Next to every public and unlisted video we have added a quick way to share to your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube followers.

4. How do I monetize my online efforts to Youtube and social media pages?

This is where our “Get a Lesson” system comes into play. (Note: we have soft launched the product as of late October, and are testing with users. You can get started today by creating your Pro Page which allows you to get paid for online lessons to players all over the world.) Every coach has their own Pro Page and their own custom URL which they can place on their Youtube Videos, social media pages, business cards, flyers, website, etc. which will lead their viewers to request a video lesson on a video they take from their phone or camcorder and pay for the instructional feedback.

We’ve found that in order to scale your teaching efforts, it can’t just be throughout your local area, but also nationwide/worldwide. If you are able to push out your content with a way for viewers to take a lesson from you without having to be with you, you will create an online brand that will surely boost your income.

To create your pro page and start giving lessons to players around the world, you must be a Gold premium user. Feel free to contact us with other ideas you have. We will be posting daily examples and tips on how to grow your instructional business in-person and online.

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