Public, Unlisted, & Private Videos – Definitions

In creating a system that allows instructors to market themselves but also keep content exclusive to certain players, we have built in several privacy settings for sharing videos. We have taken the best examples from other video services and put our own twist on how privacy can work for sports instruction.

Public: Videos marked Public are able to be seen in the public videos section. These videos are also able to be watched by anyone who is shared a video through email, social media, embedded on a website, etc.

Public videos have the most viral potential for coaches to be found, especially if the video is pushed to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, their Academy’s website, etc.

Unlisted: Videos marked Unlisted can only be viewed if someone has the link to that video. Unlisted videos do not show up in the public videos section and can only be viewed by someone with that particular video link. Once a video is uploaded and marked Unlisted, the video can be viewed by anyone the owner decides to share with. The viewer doesn’t have to be a PowerChalk user so email, websites, and social media pages work perfect for unlisted videos.
Example: If a coach shares an unlisted video to a student, the student can watch that video, he could also email it to all of his friends who aren’t PowerChalk users, post it on their social media pages, websites, etc. and anyone who comes across that video can view it. At this point, it becomes the student’s choice if they want to share that video with the world. Unlisted videos are great if a coach wants to keep some privacy on PowerChalk, but still be spread around by their student’s friends.

Private: Videos marked Private can ONLY be viewed by PowerChalk users who are either following or being followed by a coach or player. Anyone on PowerChalk can share a private video to a coach, player, parent, etc. Let’s say that your player or coach shares a private video that you sent them to their facebook wall. In that case, none of their facebook friends would be able to view the video because they haven’t been granted access by the original owner of the video.

We suggest adding all of your players, coaches, and parents as followers, and share a private video to the particular followers you wish. If the student sends that private video to his friends, they won’t be able to view it because they haven’t been granted access by the owner of the video.

To learn more on Sharing videos to a player or coach Click Here to Watch our tutorials on Youtube.

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