More Details on the PowerChalk Lesson Platform

There are several ways to guide your students through taking a lesson on PowerChalk.

The first option is to guide them to your pro page. If you haven’t set up your pro page, get started here.

The second option is to have your player click on “Get a Lesson” next to the video they wish to get your feedback on. From there, they can search for your name and select you as your coach, add notes to give direction on what their problems are and if they have an upcoming event they would like to focus on. The last step is to pay for the lesson.

As soon as they purchase the lesson, we collect their money and place it into a holding area until you complete the lesson. From the coach’s perspective, you will receive an email stating a lesson has been purchased by a player. Once you give your voice-over feedback, add any drills you’d like and lastly deliver the lesson, we will transfer the lesson payment to your paypal account you have set up in your pro settings.

PowerChalk takes a facilitation fee of $3 + 6.9% for each lesson processed, which enables us to make four copies of the video to be viewed from all devices including PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Android devices. The player can watch his lesson feedback from his phone at anytime or anyplace. This evens out to around $6 taken out for a $50 lesson. As this is a new revenue stream for coaches giving online lessons to players who wouldn’t normally be able to come to their facility for an in-person lesson, the response has been overwhelmingly high from coaches and players alike!

We’ve included a video description from last week’s lesson webinar that will walk you through the process in it’s entirety and answer common questions most coaches have. We also discuss some ways to market yourself to give paid lessons to new students worldwide.

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