Pitching Mechanics: Better Tempo Increases Torque

Phil Rosengren is an expert pitching instructor giving lessons on PowerChalk. Phil has been using PowerChalk for in-person and online lessons with his students, but also markets himself from his own website and YouTube to find new students from all over the country.

We recently had a chance to catch up with Phil. He shared his advice on Pitching mechanics and how to help players improve. Phil has worked with players from all levels and currently works with multiple D1 College athletes and top recruited high school players. Click Here to read his full article on Pitching Mechanics: Better Tempo Improves Torque.

Intro: What is hip to shoulder separation and how can you improve it?

Hip to shoulder separation, or torque, has become sort of a buzz phrase in pitching circles in recent years… and for good reason. It’s what you see in all powerful rotational athletes, and it’s what you typically see with high velocity pitchers.

Better Tempo Improves Hip to Shoulder Separation I recently worked with a D1 college pitcher home on break. Now this is a guy already pitching at a high level with pretty solid mechanics. But when I first got a look at him, one thing that stood out was a generally slow tempo and what seemed like a tendency to “muscle up” after front foot plant.
Doing a motion analysis confirmed this. Things looked generally smooth, and he showed outstanding flex and whip in his upper half, but it was as if he was holding everything back until front foot plant. As a result, he created very little hip to shoulder separation and appeared upper-half dominant.

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