Featured PowerChalk Pro: Luke Wesneski

Luke Wesneski
Assistant Coach – Susquehanna University

*Since joining PowerChalk in 2009, Coach Luke Wesneski has been one of our most active users. As a member in the early stages of PowerChalk, Luke was able to provide us with valuable feedback that led to a number of site improvements. Read below and find out how Luke is implementing PowerChalk at the collegiate level.

– On using the system for the first time in 2009

“I fell in love with it. We found a few bugs, which was absolutely normal, but it was always fixed within hours. [PowerChalk CEO] Chaz Henry and I chatted often. I first started using it with my players at the high school level, which I was a head coach for 8 years. They loved the feedback. Our offensive statistics improved immensely. They couldn’t wait to tell me they had seen their video and would always thank me.”

– On using the system at the collegiate level
“Upon moving to the collegiate level (for which I am entering my third year as an assistant focusing mainly on hitting), I knew PowerChalk would be used in a greater capacity, and it was. I have averaged 400-500 clips the past two years. Not all have been uploaded, but most have. The girls love the split screen and they can keep a small library of videos throughout the year. With the addition of the 10-Second Telestrator, it is instant feedback. We don’t always have internet access, so the “work offline” option is fantastic. If it is a video that needs more attention, we save it and upload it to PowerChalk for more in depth review.”

– On his favorite PowerChalk features

“My favorite feature is the keyframes. I can lock my model hitter in with my current clips, no matter the size or fps [frames-per-second]. It is great. PowerChalk is just an easy to use and fun system that creates amazing results.”

– On his coaching philosophy
“My philosophy is basically that of PowerChalk. You can tell players how you want them to do things and show them how you want them to do it, but until you show them video of themselves doing it right or wrong, that is when the light bulb goes off. I love seeing the “ah ha” moments. Building off of those solid foundational moments is the beginning stage to becoming solid players/hitters.”

Take a lesson from Luke

Thanks Luke for sharing with us! Check back soon for our next Featured PowerChalk Pro. If you’d like to use the system detailed above, head over to PowerChalk.com today and get started for free!