PowerChalk Lesson Cards: Watch and Learn

Last week, PowerChalk CEO Chaz Henry gave a presentation on PowerChalk Lesson Cards. This is a new program we have crafted for coaches looking to sell lessons to players.

Lesson cards are best sold at camps for players who would like to get feedback on their technique later in the year, when they can’t visit you in person. They are also a perfect fit for players who travel to your facility but may live 30 minutes away. Instead of traveling to your facility once a month, they can take an online lesson from you on PowerChalk.

Lesson cards are also perfect for players you meet at the local recreation sports park, or just around town. You can keep a couple in your wallet, because they act like your own paid business card.

You can price these lesson cards at whatever amount you wish, we ask for a mandatory $5 per card commission. In exchange for the $5 commission per lesson, we will house the video on our severs forever, make the video viewable from any device, and also give the player a chance to take a lesson from you anytime and anywhere. In reading case studies from our own users, we’ve found that getting a player on PowerChalk increases the amount of lessons for players that play travel sports, have to drive 30+ mins to visit you, and those who move to a different city or state and still want to receive lessons.

Note: Lesson cards can be applied to a current PowerChalk member, but if the player is not a user, will help them register for PowerChalk and also provide them with a ten-video space locker and PowerCast Watch, in case they want to take a live online lesson using the PowerCast conferencing tools.

To Learn more, click Here or watch the video below.

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