Q: What Happened to Friends? A: Friends are Now Called Followers

There is lots of value as a player or coach to gain followers using any system. Coaches now have the ability to gain a following on PowerChalk and use that following to give online lessons.

Many of you have asked, “Where did my friends go?”

They didn’t go anywhere, but instead were transferred into the “Feed” node in the video manager. When clicking on “Feed”, you will notice that three options appear:

Following – These are people you have clicked “Follow” on their profile. They are also people you have previously friended. Players and coaches can follow each other to have access to their public videos which may be drills, raw video files, and voice-over chalktalks, and any other videos marked public. The advantage for coaches is that now players can view your videos whenever they like without you having to share videos to them after each lesson.

Followers – If a player comes to my profile and clicks “Follow” then he is one of my followers. We have also transferred your “friends” to “followers”. With this option, I can now see all the people who are following me and share videos to them. I can also see all of their public videos, and they can see mine.

As a coach, I would tell all of my players to search and follow me on PowerChalk. That way, a coach can conveniently share videos to all of his players without having to add each one of them himself.

So what’s different between Friends and Followers? Why did you take away Friends?

We Changed friends to followers, because friends implies that there is a two-way relationship. In the sports world, that might not always be true. As a player, I may want to follow a coach in my local area that my buddies are taking lessons from to see if I want to take lessons from him too. Once they watch some of your public drills and ChalkTalks, they will feel more comfortable with your coaching style and then come to you for an in-person lesson, or take an online lesson.

The same applies for players nationwide who may have a family member taking golf lessons in a different state, but will never have a chance to take a lesson from that coach. Now they can!

By following someone, they do not have to confirm that you are allowed to follow them, it just puts them on a convenience list to quickly stay in touch with you. Twitter takes a similar approach.

We hope you see the value in following your players, and having a list of followers. We feel that long-term this is best for players wanting to take online lessons and view content from their coach, but also better for the coach because he can gain a following of players nationwide who can take lessons from any place and at any time.

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