Tiger Woods’ Swing Evolution 1995 to Present

We’ve all watched as Tiger has tweaked his golf swing over the years, but how different was it in 1995 compared to today? Let’s take a look at Tiger in ’95…

Next, we’ll take a look at Tiger in 2001 from a Face-On Angle. Butch Harmon was Tiger’s trusted swing coach leading up to this time.

Starting in 2004, Hank Haney took over the reins as Tiger’s instructor. At this point, Tiger was still a long-bomber off the tee, but the competition was starting to catch up, one of his main goals with Hank Haney was to pick up distance and work on eliminating the occasional “Miss” that plagued him for several years.

So the question is: Was Tiger Woods’ swing better under Butch Harmon or Hank Haney? The major stats favor Butch Harmon at least a little — Tiger won 8 majors in 5 years under Butch’s watch as a pro, with 3 majors in the most dominating fashion (1997 Masters by 12 strokes, 2000 US Open by 15 strokes, and 2000 Open Championship by 8 strokes). Under Hank Haney, Tiger won only 6 majors in 6 years, but none by more than 3 strokes.

Finally, let’s look at Tiger’s swing in 2012 under Sean Foley

As much speculation as Tiger has gone through over his game, and dealings off the course, the fact is his swing has been and still is very solid. In Hank Haney’s Book, Tiger’s instructor talked about his focus and constant drive. Tiger enjoyed talking with top competitors from various sports, but would eliminate their opinions as soon as they said something foolish. During a celebrity pro-am, a top motocross rider was introduced to Tiger on the practice range, Tiger being curious about other top athletes asked the rider what his eating habits and regimen were before a big event. The motocross pro replied with “Oh you know, a snickers bar, soda, anything sweet.” Right after the reply, Tiger immediately quit the conversation and went back to hitting balls, realizing that this guys wasn’t worth his time.

Let’s settle the debate on Tiger’s swing, when was it best? Which coach do you think was best for Tiger mentally and mechanically. Here’s one last look at Tiger’s swing under Hank Haney compared to his present swing under Sean Foley.

For more of Tiger’s swings in slow motion, visit www.powerchalk.com and search the public videos for “Tiger Woods”

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