“Growing” Great Athletes

Are great athletes born or made? PowerChalk.com founder Chaz Henry shares some of his insights on ‘growing” great athletes in this 30 minute webinar. The session explores the role of myelination as described in the book “The Talent Code” and the benefits of mastering good mechanics using video and motion analysis.

Chaz talks about his experience as a coach and importance of moving players towards professional mechanics before you throw them hours of batting practice. At the earliest stages of development, players start to create neural circuits that become their quickest and most trusted motions. These moves become their instincts or ‘muscle memory’ making it paramount that they be fundamentally sound.


In the webinar, Chaz asserts that too few youth coaches (including him) know and teach sound fundamentals. Examples are given for baseball and soccer but The Talent Code author Daniel Coyle demonstrates the value of ‘Deep Practice’ in sports, music and other endeavors.