The Quarterback Throwing Motion – with Bill Renner

RennerThrowSequenceThere are few people in the country who understand the kinetic chain of sports movement like Bill Renner. When Bill kicked for the Green Bay Packers, he brought with him a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology and constant search for optimal motion.

Through his 25 years of high school coaching (including his quarterback son Bryn Renner), he’s expanded that quest to virtually every position and movement in the game of football.

In the session below, Chaz Henry talks to Bill about his keyframe template for comparing quarterbacks. Bill’s framework assigns a name to eight freeze frame moments in a quarterback’s throw. In the recorded webinar he gives coaches, players and parents a simple indicator on how to visually identify and mark those keyframes.

The value of this system is that anyone can bookmark these critical points in a throwing video and with them marked, a coach can quickly analyze and compare two throws. The throws can illustrate a players progression/regression over time or provide valuable insights by comparing an amateur to a professional.

The keyframes and indicators that Bill defines are:

  • TwoHand: just before hand break (switch to one hand on the ball)
  • FrontTouch: lead foot touches the ground on step.
  • WeightShift: trail foot toe leaves the ground. Weight shifts to front.
  • BackSide: ball reaches the back of the head.
  • FrontSide: ball passes the front of the head.
  • Release: ball releases from throwing hand.
  • ArmParallel: throwing arm level to the ground.
  • Finish: arm touches chest (or comes across).