How to Kick a Field Goal

henryKickFGBill Renner is a retired 25 year high school football coach who invented his own offense. These days, he is building where he works with aspiring quarterbacks and kickers and billrenner-huddlehas guided multiple players into the NFL (including his son Bryn). Oh yea, he also kicked for the Green Bay Packers.

In the web session below, Bill talks PowerChalk founder Chaz Henry through the process of kicking a field goal. The session uses video clips from a weekly workout with two players from Bill’s growing roster of elite athletes. To structure his video analysis, Bill has defined a set of keyframes – freeze frame moments – that let him compare any two videos.ColeFieldGoal

In this session he uses those markers to talk about the proper mechanics at each link in the place kicking kinetic chain. He also talks about where on the foot the kicker needs to make contact with the football and the effect that variations have on ball flight.