Injury-Free Fastpitch Softball Mechanics

Personal stories are the marrow of sports and one of the best stories I know is Angela Tincher’s. Despite being the 2008 College Player of the Year and third among Division 1 all-time strikeout leaders, Angela was not selected for the US Olympic team bound for Beijing.

When Angela’s Virginia Tech Hokies rolled into Oklahoma City for a pre-Olympic tune-up game, they faced an Olympic team that had won 185 straight exhibition games. A team that had outscored their opponents 1,475-24. A team that had just beaten DePaul 23-0.

Tincher wanted to make a statement – so she no-hit them.

If you didn’t see the game, you can watch the final three outs below. When you know the back-story, it still gives you goosebumps.

In the session below, I talk to Angela’s coach and father, Denny Tincher. Denny’s development of Angela as a pitcher has led him to a deep understanding of bio-mechanics and to the creation of a system he calls Fluid Dynamics. In this webinar we talk specifically about his approach to pitching and how it works with the body’s natural abilities to summon power and resist injury.

Specifically, Denny takes us through video of a young pitcher to demonstrate the following keys:

  • Dynamic power positions
  • Healthy movements
  • Core Stability
  • Functional Symmetry
  • Fluid Energy Transfer
  • Proper Strength and Flexibility

Denny uses before and after video to illustrate the move towards a stronger and more sustainable delivery.