Chaz-250-greyscaleI’m Chaz Henry – the founder of PowerChalk.com and the administrator of this blog. It started out as a means to promote the features and value of PowerChalk but it’s turned into much more than that.

Over the past 12 years I’ve coached my two sons in multiple sports. With the advent of PowerChalk, I’ve worked with the Reds and Dodgers coaching staff. I’ve been introduced to pros and coaches like Jake Epstein, Bill Renner, Drew Johansen and Denny Tincher. I’ve witnessed the processes, techniques and knowledge that create and sustain elite athletes and I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned (and am still learning).

talent_codeMuch of my enlightenment is outlined in the book The Talent Code. If you’ve read it, you know what I’m talking about. Elite athletes are created by ‘installing’ a sequence of movements – small ‘chunks’ that stack up like bricks and become a wall of talent. The chunks combine to form complex routines – moves the body can make without thinking. While they look like instincts, they are learned behavior. There are no naturals.

That’s good news for us mortals. This chunking is fundamental to all learning – sports or otherwise. Your ability to instantly recognize the word pepperball in this sentence is due to chunking. While you may have never seen this word before, you recognized each syllable. You recognized the syllables because at some point you learned your letters.

As coaches, we sometimes forget this. We throw batting practice without specific and fundamental mechanical advice in the hopes that with enough swings the kids will develop timing and power. They might but they also might (as I did in my golf game) groove a bad swing that will eventually need to be ‘unlearned’.

With the launch of this blog, I hope to circumvent that ‘buckets of balls’ mentality. I’ve asked the elite coaches I’ve been privileged to meet to share their process and their knowledge. It’s not about drills but a fundamental shift in how athletes acquire skills.

The goal is simple – to help you help your kids get better faster at sports. Sports are more fun when you play to your potential and I hope that our sessions will increase yours.

Thanks in advance for your interest and input.